I wish to find on the Tokyo Disney Resort App where facilities are located.

The app's map can be narrowed down to show only the facilities you wish to find.

Example: To find a bottled soft drink vending machine.

1. Tap the "・・・" icon on the right side of the white area at the bottom of the map screen.

2. Guest services information page will open. Tap the filter icon above the "・・・" icon (on the right side).

3. The filter screen will open. Tap "Bottled Soft Drink Vending Machine" in the "Facility category" and tap "OK".

4. Only the icons of bottled soft drink vending machines will be displayed on the map.

5. Tap the list icon (to the left of the filter icon) to see a list of all bottled soft drink vending machines.
location list

-The map will be changed for each icon in the white area at the bottom of the screen. You can narrow down the facilities from the filter screen by map.
・Star icon: Attractions, parades and shows, Disney Character greetings
・Knife and fork icon: Restaurants
・"・・・" icon: Guest services

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