Can I view my printed Park ticket on my smartphone?

Entering the Park
The following Park tickets cannot be displayed on a smartphone or app screen before entering the Park.
Please enter the Park by scanning the code on your Park ticket onto the reader at the Park entrance.

・Printed Park tickets (business card size) including Disney's eTicket passports (printed out at home)
・Reservation vouchers purchased at a convenience store, travel agency, etc.

Scan your Park ticket using the app after entering the Park
In order to obtain a Standby Pass or make an Entry Request, "Park ticket verification used for Park admission on the day of visit" will be required.
[For your reference]
Getting a Standby Pass (with images)
[Tokyo Disney Resort App] I wish to know how to register (scan) my Park ticket on the app. (Frequently Asked Questions)
For Park tickets that cannot be displayed on a smartphone, you can use the services by scanning (reading) the code printed on the Park ticket with your smartphone's camera.
When you obtain your first Standby Pass or make your first Entry Request of the day after entering the Park, scanning your Park ticket with the app will be required.

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