How many restaurant bookings can I make per day of the visit?

Up to three bookings can be made per day of the visit.
Priority Seating at Tokyo Disney Resort restaurants (at the Parks and Disney hotels) can be booked once for each breakfast, lunch and dinner time per day of the visit in advance.

-For Great American Waffle Co., La Taverne de Gaston and The Big Pop
Bookings will not be counted as one booking.
-Priority Seating at the above three restaurants will no longer be available after May 31, 2022.

[For Guests who are eligible for Disney hotel Guest benefits]
・You will be able to book once per dining time, either for a privilege slot or a regular slot in advance.

[If you are unable to book even you do not have three bookings per day of the visit]
In the following cases, your booking data may be recorded during the booking procedure. In such cases, please wait for a while before proceeding.
-If you close the window during the booking procedure.
-If you are using multiple tabs or windows in your browser.

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