[Attractions] If my child does not meet the boarding requirements, is there a service that the parents can experience the attraction? (What is Rider Switch Service?)

If your child does not meet the boarding requirements and there are 2 or more adults in your party, the parents (or guardians) can experience the attraction in turn while the other parent stays with the child.

Before entering the queue for the attraction, please be sure to have your Park ticket with you and inform a Cast Member of the attraction.

Attractions can be experienced once per Guest using this service.

The first Guest to experience the attraction will be asked to wait in line as usual.
After the first Guest finishes experiencing the attraction, a Cast Member will show the next Guest through so that this Guest will be able to experience the attraction with a shorter wait time, without having to join the back of the line.

Depending on the wait time of the attraction, the Cast Member of the attraction will set the time of experience on the Park ticket of the next Guest.
The next Guest will return to the attraction at the designated time and switch places with the Guest who experienced the attraction first.
After switching places, please inform a Cast Member at the entrance of the attraction that you are using "Rider Switch Service" and present your Park ticket.

This Rider Switch Service is provided at all attractions that have boarding requirements.

[For experiences requiring a Standby Pass / an Entry Request]
1. Please obtain or make Standby Passes / Entry Requests for all members of your party experiencing the venues.
2. Please inform a Cast Member of the attraction that you wish to use "Rider Switch Service" at the assigned time of your Standby Pass / Entry Request.

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