I purchased two Park tickets online. Can I create a group of three persons on the Tokyo Disney Resort App?

Yes. The number of members in a group does not have to be equal to the number of Park tickets you have or the number of members in your booking.

Example: If Guest A purchased two Park tickets online, invited Guest B and Guest C, and created a group of three members.

[If Guest B has a Park ticket purchased online]
The three Park tickets will be shared on everyone's App.

[If Guest B has a printed Park ticket (note)]
1. The two Park tickets held by Guest A will be shared on everyone's App.
2. By scanning Guest B's Park ticket with the App, the three Park tickets will be shared on everyone's App.
・Park tickets can be scanned either before or after entering the Park.

Note: Eligible Park tickets
・Business card-sized Park tickets purchased at Disney Hotels, etc.
・Park tickets included in Vacation Packages
・Reservation vouchers purchased at travel agencies, convenience stores, etc.
・Shareholders' Passport, Sponsor Passport
For details, please see here.

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