I have not received the confirmation email for my Park ticket. Can I still enter the Park?

1. With the Tokyo Disney Resort App
Purchasers can enter the Park with the Park ticket displayed on the App by logging into the App with the account registered under MyDisney used at the time of purchase online. For information about how to display Park tickets on the App, please see here.
Purchasers can also share Park tickets with members of the party by using create group function on the App.

2. Without using the Tokyo Disney Resort App
Purchasers will be required to contact the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations/Purchasing Support Desk by phone with information about purchase details (reservation number, ticket type, date of Park admission, specified Park, age category, the number of tickets).
Purchase details can be found on the My Booking page of the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website.
If you cannot contact the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations/Purchasing Support Desk, please contact a Cast Member at the Park entrance on your day of visit with information about your purchase details.

Emails not received upon completion of ticket purchase cannot be received again by Guests. Guests can check their purchase details on the My Booking page, but cannot check the details of the email sent to them.

For information about receiving emails, please see here.

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