[Park admission by designating the date in advance] I noticed a mistake in my Park ticket number after making an entry for my preferred Park admission date. What should I do?

Example: If you make an entry with three Park tickets at a time and only one of them has a wrong Park ticket number
Only two of your three Park tickets can be used for Park admission.

[During the entry period]
You can use the Park ticket that had the wrong number to make a new entry with the correct number.
Please make an entry only with the Park ticket that had the wrong number, as Park tickets entered with the correct number cannot be canceled or changed.

[Outside of the entry period]
If the three of you wish to enter the Park together, please do not use the two Park tickets valid for Park admission, and make a new entry within the expiration date of the Park tickets.
Please note that Park tickets for which you have made an entry in the past are subject to conditions when you make your next entry. for details, please see here

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