Where can I purchase bottled soft drinks?

There are multiple wagons within the Parks that sell bottled soft drinks.
For details on where the wagons are located, please contact a Cast Member.

In addition, there are bottled soft drink vending machines at the following locations.
Please check the maps below for the locations.

[Tokyo Disneyland]
・Adventureland / Close to "Adventureland Bazaar"
・Westernland / Close to "Trading Post"
・Westernland /In front of the "Mark Twain Riverboat" boarding area
・Westernland / Inside Tom Sawyer Island
・Fantasyland / Close to "Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall"
・Toontown / Close to Restrooms
・Tomorrowland / Close to "Space Mountain"
・Tomorrowland / Close to "Tomorrowland Terrace"

[Tokyo DisneySea]
・Mediterranean Harbor / Close to "Zambini Brothers' Ristorante"
・Lost River Delta / Close to "Mickey & Friends' Greeting Trails" (From June 18, 2021)
・Arabian Coast / Close to "Grotto Photos & Gifts" (Mermaid Lagoon)

[Same for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea (outside the Parks)]
・Disney Resort Line station areas
・Guest Parking areas

-The price of bottled soft drinks is a flat 200 yen.

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