What do I need to create a group using the app? When can I start creating a group?

Both Guests who create (invite) a group and Guests who join (are invited) a group will be required to "download the Tokyo Disney Resort App" and "register/log-in to a Disney account".

A group can be created in any of the following conditions (note 1):
・When your Park ticket purchased online is displayed on the app (The fixed admission date specified at the time of purchase: Only Park tickets for admissions on or after April 1, 2023)(note 2)
・When your plan, such as a Priority Seating booking for a restaurant or obtaining a Standby Pass is under "My Plan" on the app

Groups can be created for today and subsequent dates.
Groups with past dates cannot be created.

Note 1: If the above conditions are not met, you can create a group once you have a "plan" on the app, such as obtaining a Standby Pass after entering the Park.
Note 2: The following Park tickets can also be scanned using the app even before entering the Park.
・Business card-sized Park tickets purchased at Disney Hotels, etc.
・Park tickets included in Vacation Packages
・Reservation vouchers purchased at travel agencies, convenience stores, etc.
・Shareholders' Passport, Sponsor Passport
For details, please see here

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