Can I purchase "rainwear", "battery chargers" or "heat packs/cold packs" at the Parks?

Yes, the items are available for purchase.
Shops selling the items can be searched on the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

1. Tap the "bag icon" in the white area at the bottom of the map screen of the App.
    →Switch to the map of the shops.

2. Tap the "filter icon" at the bottom of the map.
    →Switch to the filter screen.

3. Tap "Rainwear" under "Merchandise category" and tap "OK".
    →Only shops selling rainwear will be displayed on the map.

・In the same way as above, you can search for shops that sell "battery chargers", "diapers", "heat packs", etc.
・If two or more shops are selected on the filter screen, only shops that meet all the selected criteria will be displayed on the map.

-There may be changes to the shops that sell the items, or the items may be sold out. For details, please contact a Cast Member at the shop.

[Battery chargers]
Mobile battery rental service is available at the Parks.
At Tokyo Disneyland, please see here.
At Tokyo DisneySea, please see here.

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