[Bon Voyage] Is Bon Voyage open as usual?

We will implement measures to prevent infection and operate in accordance with the following contents.

・For operating hours, please check the link below.
・Advance shop entry reservations may be required. For details, please see the link below.
・Please wear a mask in general when entering the shop ((optional for children who have not yet entered elementary school).
 Please bring your own masks.
・Temperature screenings will be conducted at the shop entrance.
 Please note that Guests with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or above will be asked to refrain from entering the shop.
・Hand sanitizers are available at the shop entrance and exit for your use.
・Guests cannot enter or exit from the shop entrance on the first floor. Please enter from the shop entrance on the second floor.
・We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation in taking any other measures to prevent infection.

-Depending on the situation, operation procedures are subject to change.

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