[Standby Pass][Entry Request] I wish to know how to use these services.

-The following link provides an explanation with images.

This services can be used after entering the Park.
1. Log-in with your Disney account (or create a new one if you do not have one)
2. Tap "Standby Pass" or "Entry Request" on the Tokyo Disney Resort App. (Note 1)
-Select "Attractions" or "Shops" for Standby Pass.
3. Select or scan the Park ticket that you used to enter the Park. (Note 2)
4. Select the venue you wish to experience and tap "Issue Standby Pass" or "Request".
-For shops, select a timeframe you wish to visit and tap "Issue Standby Pass".

Note 1: "Standby Pass" and "Entry Request" are indicated on one of the following screens.
・Under "My Plan" section when you pull up house icon on the left at the bottom of the map page.
・For parades and shows, tap the second star icon from the left at the bottom of the map page. For shops, tap the second bag icon from the right at the bottom of the map page.
・Detail page of eligible experience.

Note 2. If all members of your party wish to experience the venue, please select or scan the Park tickets for everyone.
Using create group function on the app, tickets for all members of the party will be shared to everyone's app.
(Please also see the "Related questions" below.)

-If you are not using the app or do not have a smartphone, please see the "Related questions" below.

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