Can I enter the queue for the eligible venues requiring a Standby Pass?

There are two types of the timeframe below at the eligible venues requiring a Standby Pass.
A. Timeframe that does not require a Standby Pass (Every Guests can enter the queue to experience the venue.)
B. Timeframe that only Guests with a Standby Pass can experience the venue

Timeframe A and B may not be provided depending on the operation on the day.
If timeframe A is not provided, Guests who have not obtained a Standby Pass will not be able to experience the venues.

-There is no timeframe when "Guests with a Standby Pass" and "Guests without a Standby Pass" can experience the venues (enter the queue) at the same time.
-If timeframe B is provide after timeframe A, the "Standby Pass for timeframe B" will be issued from timeframe A.

Please check on the app for the operation status of each venue.

-You can check the current operation status on the app even if you have not entered the Park. For your information, we recommend that you check the status of the eligible venues after the Park opens on the day.
(The status may vary on the day of your visit.)

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