Can I change my ticket purchased on or before June 24, 2020 (printed out at home) to a fixed-date ticket valid for admission?

-You will be able to use your ticket to enter the Park by lottery. For details, please see "Park admission by lottery". (Not applicable for some tickets.)

If you have purchased an eligible ticket online (excluding “delivery to home”)(note 1), you can enter the Park after changing it to a fixed-date ticket that is currently available online.

[Note 1: Eligible tickets]
Please see "Tickets for admissions before the Parks reopened (purchased on or before June 24, 2020)" to check if your ticket is eligible.

-There are some conditions regarding the change.
[Please be sure to check] Changing Park tickets online

-Ticket changes cannot be made at the Ticket Booths at Tokyo Disney Resort.
-From July 1, 2020 until further notice, tickets purchased on or before June 24, 2020 will not be allowed to enter the Park directly.
-If you wish to request a refund, please use the Web Form for Ticket Refunds.
-For delivery to home / business card size tickets, please see the "related questions" below.

Information about the availability for "refunds, making changes and Park admission lottery" by Park ticket

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