[1-Day Passport (for Guests with Disabilities)] I have a disability certificate issued outside of Japan, not issued in Japan. Can I purchase a 1-Day Passport (for Guests with Disabilities)?

If you do not have a disability certificate issued in Japan, you can purchase a 1-Day Passport (for Guests with Disabilities) with a disability certificate (the original) issued outside of Japan.

-Please bring your disability certificate (the original document, not a copy)(note) on the day of Park visit.
Note: A certificate for a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental disability
-If the certificate does not have a photo of the Guest, please present the original official photo ID (passport etc.) at the same time.
-If you do not bring the eligible certificate (the original), you will not be admitted to the Park.

-1-Day Passports (for Guests with Disabilities) can be purchased on the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website (on the web browser).
-Please note that Park ticket sales will be suspended when the maximum number of Park tickets sold is reached.

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