I have a certificate that was issued overseas rather than a disability certificate issued in Japan. Will I still be able to purchase a ticket for Guests with disabilities?

-Sales of tickets for Guests with disabilities scheduled from April 1, 2020 have been suspended for the time being from the reopening of the Parks on July 1, 2020.
The start date for the ticket sales will be announced later as soon as it is determined.

[The following information was provided before the temporary Park closure]

These tickets are only available for Guests who have a disability certificate that was issued in Japan. You will not be able to purchase one of these tickets by showing a different form of identification issued outside of Japan.
To purchase a ticket for Guests with disabilities, you will need to obtain a disability certificate by completing the necessary procedure based on the Immigration Control Act (see note 1 below). This procedure is not available for temporary visitors.

Note 1: Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
You can have a disability certificate issued upon application if you have residency status and an address within a municipality of Japan (not including temporary visits of less than three months).
Since 2012, Japanese municipalities have been issuing disability certificates to residents who present their residence card or special permanent resident certificate and confirm details such as their name and address.

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