[Free Wi-Fi] I wish to know how to connect to free Wi-Fi.

1. Please turn on the Wi-Fi setting of the device you wish to use at the area around the Park Main Entrance.

2. Select the network below.

3. Please read the instructions on the screen that displays, and if you agree, please register your email address or social media account.
-The language setting of your device (web browser) will be recognized and the page in the eligible language will be displayed.
・English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean / Thai / Indonesian
・There are no pages in Japanese. If the language setting is "Japanese", the "English" page will be displayed.
-Once you have registered, your email address and social media account will be saved for one year, so there is no need to enter them again within that period.

4. Please follow the instructions on the screen, when the Tokyo Disney Resort website displays, access is complete.
-If you cannot connect to free Wi-Fi, please contact a Cast Member around the Park Main Entrance.

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