What are the recommended web browsers when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website?

In order to use this website comfortably, we recommend that you use a web browser that meets the following requirements. Please note that if you are using a web browser that does not meet these requirements, this website may not display or function properly.
In addition, this website uses web technologies such as JavaScript and CSS. Therefore, please be aware that when using web browsers that are incompatible with these technologies or older versions of web browsers, some functions may be limited or web pages may not display properly.

For PC site
The following web browsers are recommended for viewing this website.
・Chrome latest version
・Firefox latest version
・Edge latest version
・Safari latest version
The latest version of each web browser can be downloaded from the related links below.

For smartphone site
The following OS and web browsers are recommended for viewing this website.
[For Android OS]
OS version: Android 9.0 or later
Browser: Android OS standard or Chrome
[For iOS]
OS version: iOS 14.0 or later
Browser: iOS standard (Safari) or Chrome
-While every effort has been made to ensure that this website is displayed appropriately in each web browser, there is a possibility that the website may display or function unexpectedly when using certain web browsers.

This website uses JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in your web browser, this website may not function or display properly. In order to use all the functions of this website, please set JavaScript to "enable" in the settings screen of your web browser.

This website uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Please enable CSS for proper display of web pages.

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