Can I use electronic money within the Parks?

You can use the following brands of electronic money at shops, restaurants and some Guest Services within Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

[Accepted electronic money]
・Transportation IC (Suica / Kitaca / PASMO / manaca / TOICA / ICOCA / HAYAKAKEN / nimoca / SUGOCA)
-Electronic money other than those listed above cannot be used.

[Facilities that accept electronic money]
・Shops (including Jungle Carnival and Abu's Bazaar)
・Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals
・Baby Center
・Toontown Baby Center
・Home Delivery Service
・Guest Parking
・Ticket Booths (including ticket vending machines) -These are currently suspended.

[Facilities that do not accept electronic money and items that cannot be purchased with electronic money]
・Penny Arcade
・Westernland Shootin' Gallery
・Fortress Explorations
・Souvenir Medal
・Capsule Toy
・Balloon Vendors
・Some merchandise wagons that sell wearble goods, light-up goods, etc.
・Some food wagons (Electronic money can be used at popcorn wagons, as well as at ice cream wagons at Tokyo DisneySea.)
・Some bottled soft drink vending machines
・Storage Lockers
・Stamps, gift cards, food vouchers (meal tickets) etc.

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