[Please check] Making changes to Park tickets purchased online

[Where to make changes]
Changes can be made online (the My Booking page of the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website, the Tokyo Disney Resort App).
-Please note that changes cannot be made at Tokyo Disney Resort. (Except for this case.) 

[Conditions for making changes and details of changes that can be made]
Conditions for making changes:
・Within the validity period of your Park ticket
・The same Park ticket type as yours is available online
If the above applies, the date of admission and age category (such as from adult to child) can be changed. If you do not make changes to the date of admission, age category can be changed even though the same Park ticket type as yours is not available.
Changes can be made both before and after the date of Park admission. There is no limit to the number of times you can make changes.

Park tickets with your desired date of admission are being soldPark tickets with your desired date of admission are sold out
Changes to date of admission
Not available
Changes to date of admission and age category
Not available
Changes to age category

-To check the expiration date of your Park ticket, please see here.

Please note that requests for changes to Park ticket type or Park selected, or requests for cancellations or refunds of Park tickets due to Guests' personal circumstances, will not be accepted.

[How to make changes]
Please see "Making changes online".
-More than one Park ticket purchased online in a single transaction can be changed at a time. For details, please see here.

[Fees for making changes and transactions to process price differences]
Fees for making changes will not be charged.
A transaction is required each time a change is made, regardless of whether there is a price difference or not. For details, please see here.
If the credit card that was used for the purchase is not available, another credit card can be used at the time of the change. For more information about credit card changes when changing Park tickets, please see here.

[To enter the Park after making Park ticket changes]
Please enter the Park with the Park ticket displayed on the App, or the code in the email you will receive after making changes. The code in the email before making changes cannot be used to enter the Park.

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