I have not received a confirmation email for my booking, "Booking Details". (Excludes emails regarding Park tickets)


This is information regarding the email you will receive upon completion of your reservation for Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages, Disney Hotels, Show Restaurants, Priority Seating (for dining with a minimal wait) and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

-If you have not received an email regarding your Park tickets, please see here.

In the following cases, you may not receive the email:

-If a wrong email address has been mistakenly registered with your MyDisney Account

Please make sure to enter your email address correctly when registering with MyDisney Account.

Please be sure to use only half-width alphanumeric characters in your email address. DO NOT use full-width alphanumeric characters.

You can check your current email address by logging in to the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations&Tickets website and clicking on "Check/Change Registered Information" from the “Menu” in the web page.

-If anti-spam measures are set up

If you are using anti-spam measures such as domain- specific reception, or even if you do not take any anti-spam measures by yourself, the default settings against spam mails may have an effect on receiving messages. Please reconfirm your email address settings so that you can receive the confirmation email for your booking from "@tokyodisneyresort.jp".

-If the email application recognizes it as a spam mail

Please check your spam mail folder, as there are cases where it is recognized as a spam mail and sorted into the folder.

-If you are using a free email service (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, etc.)

You may not be able to receive the message as the capacity of the incoming mail server reaches its upper limit. Please check the amount of available capacity on the server.

-If you are using a special form of address

The following characters can be used for email addresses.

Half-width alphanumeric characters and some symbols (listed on the right): . ! # $ % & ‘ * + – / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~

Please note that there may be cases where it is impossible to send messages to email addresses that do not conform to the specifications of the international standard for email addresses, “Request For Comments (RFC)”. If you have registered any of the following email addresses, please change it to another one.

Addresses that use characters other than those listed above as “characters that can be used for email addresses”

Addresses with consecutive “.” (period)

Addresses with a “.” (period) at the beginning or just before the “@” (at mark)

-A confirmation email for your booking (except for Park tickets with a fixed admission date on or after April 1, 2023 specified at the time of purchase) can be viewed from "View/Change Booking Details" on the "My Booking" page of the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website.

 1. Click "View/Change Booking Details" for the eligible booking on the "My Booking" screen.

 2. Click “Record of sent emails” on the page of "View/Change Booking Details".

 3. Click the title of the email to view the details of the email.

-If you do not receive the email that is supposed to be sent to you when your Park ticket purchase has been completed, you will not be able to confirm the contents of that email or have that email resent to you by your own manipulations. In that case, please see here for information on how to enter the Park.

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