I wish to know the period when bookings are accepted for Vacation Packages.

The period when bookings are accepted will vary depending on the plan.

Booking start date:
There are different "plan applicable periods" and "sales start dates" for each Vacation Package plan.
After the sales start date, bookings can be made for dates within the plan applicable period.
For plan applicable periods and sales start dates, please see "Information" on the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website.
-There may be some excluded days within the plan applicable periods. Please check "Information" and each plan's screen.
-Dates beyond the plan applicable period (travel dates) shown in the "Information" have not yet been determined. The plan applicable period and sales start date will be announced in the "Information" section as soon as they are determined.

Booking close date:
Bookings are accepted up to 11:59 p.m. ten days before your check-in date (JST).
-Booking close dates may vary depending on the plan and the travel date. Please check each plan's screen.

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