Do the tickets and plans shared with group members on the app display the same to everyone?

There are some differences in the displayed contents.
The settings (share with your group / not share) cannot be changed.

・Restaurant and hotel bookings
The contents of the plan will be shared with your group.
The "Change" button will only be displayed to the user who made the booking.

・Hotel option bookings
・Restaurant option bookings
Only the user who made the reservation will be able to see the options.

・When Standby Pass switches to Multiple Experiences
[For Multiple Experiences that can be used on the day of issue]
They will be shared with all members of the group.
[For Multiple Experiences that can be used on your next visit to the Park]
They will only display on the app of the member who purchased or scanned the ticket.
For details about Multiple Experiences, please see the "Related questions" below.

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