[Standby Pass] How many times can I obtain a Standby Pass in a day? When can I obtain the next one?

There is no limit to the number of times you can obtain a Standby Pass.
-However, you will not be able to obtain more than one Standby Pass for the same venue at the same time.

You will be able to apply for another Standby Pass for an attraction at one of the following times, whichever is earlier:
1. The assigned time of the Standby Pass you have already obtained (Note 1)
2. Two hours after you obtained your last Standby Pass

Note 1: As long as 60 minutes have passed since you last obtained a Standby Pass.

If you wish to obtain a Standby Pass for the same shop more than once, please wait until after the start of the previously assigned time to apply for another one. If the Standby Pass you wish is for a different shop, then you can apply right away.

-Depending on the shop, entry to the shop may be limited to once per day per Park ticket.
(When entering the shop, a Cast Member will check your Park ticket and register that you have entered the shop. You can obtain multiple Standby Passes on the app, but if your ticket already registers that you have entered the shop, you will not be able to enter the shop.)

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