[From July 1] Can only certain tickets be used to get into the Parks?

In order to maintain proper social distancing around the Park entrance area, three types of (fixed-date) tickets are being offered with different entrance times.

For the time being, only Guests who have purchased one of the following fixed-date tickets online will be admitted to the Parks.

- 1-Day Passport (admission from Park opening time)
- Fixed Date Time Passport (admission from 10:30 a.m.)
- Fixed Date Time Passport (admission from 12:00 noon)

All of these tickets allow Guests to enjoy the Parks until the closing time. These tickets are only available as Disney’s eTicket (print out at home).
Business card-sized tickets (delivered to home) are not available.
- Tickets other than the above, including Open Tickets, Annual Passports, and Revisit Passports, cannot be used to enter the Parks.

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